Our Programs

The Children's Healthy Pantry

One program of the Yummy Stuff Club, Inc. (YSC) is the Children's Healthy Pantry. Currently YSC has pantries in eight schools in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, with long range plans to fully serve these counties and beyond. All of the schools which are served are Title I schools. A Title I school is a school in which a large percentage of the children receive a free or reduced lunch at school. These pantries are stocked monthly by Yummy Stuff volunteers with healthy snacks and bottled water.


Many children in our area come to school hungry. Although some schools provide a free breakfast and lunch, lunch may be served as early as 10:30 am and may be the last meal many children eat before returning to school the following day. For these children, our Pantries may be the only source of food for the remainder of the day, thus providing these children with more than two meals a day.

Every published study on the issue of child hunger confirms the fact that students learn better and behave better when they are not hungry. By providing healthy snacks during the school week Yummy Stuff Club serves to help Sarasota and Manatee County school children perform better in school and supports our motto -- "EAT SMART TO BE SMART"

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Yummy Stuff Club

Yummy Stuff teaches children about healthy eating. By entertaining as it educates, Yummy Stuff programs keep young minds engaged. Yummy Stuff online information, hands-on onsite programs and practical products are developed by a team of childhood teaching, developmental and social experts that make learning fun and relevant.