"The snacks are greatly appreciated! Many of my students are hungry throughout the day and the snacks are a good boost for them mentally and physically." John Weida

Principal, Brentwood Elementary School

Dear Mrs. Susan,

"Thank you for taking your time to teach us nice and healthy foods." Humberto G


"The kids are so thankful we have the snacks to give them. I was surprised by the number of students who don't have breakfast. Keep up the wonderful job!!!" Bel Feltner

Booker Middle School

Dear Mrs. Susan,

"Thank you for coming and making that wonderful lunch for us and talking to us about making yummy healthy food" Sara


"Works great for us! We use canned fruit and apple sauce for Pre-K, K, 1st grade students as well as ESE older students enjoy crackers and bars. Thank you SO MUCH for this program" John Weida

Brentwood Elementary

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